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The internet is a noisy space consumed by misinformation, bots, and low-quality content.

You’re a busy person who wastes valuable time each day browsing the web for interesting, well-researched ideas worth reading and sharing with others.

The Smarter Brain Premium is designed to help you cut through the noise, save valuable time, and discover new ideas to make better decisions in work, business, and life.

Each week, our hardworking team of human journalists sift through large volumes of content across the web and carefully hand-pick the best articles. To save you valuable reading time, we extract the key takeaways and big ideas to surprise you with insights you may never have seen before.

Our mission is to help you wake up smarter each day and gain an edge in life, work, and business.

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Join for $48/year

Join for $5/month

Join smart, curious minds including investors, CEOs, authors, scientists, and more.

“I appreciate that you provide unbiased, well-researched information. I feel a little smarter after I read your words!”
— Nikki, The Smarter Brain member

“I liked that they were from a diverse range of sources covering a diverse range of topics – and all seemed reputable. I have a fairly curious mind, so I liked the idea of having a subscription to something that collated eclectic information for me to easily peruse.”
— Brayden Wedd, The Smarter Brain member

What’s Inside

As a Smarter Brain Premium member, you’ll get:

  • Two weekly emails including the top 10 recommended stories across the web.
  • Access to the best ideas on the internet to build better habits, improve your productivity, make better decisions, and live a better life.
  • A concise summary of the key takeaways and most important points to help you save valuable reading time.
  • Full access to the archives, including original Smarter Brain written articles on habits, productivity, and decision-making.
  • Book recommendations to help you get smarter.
  • Bonus exclusive access to our guides on productivity, time management, decision-making, creativity, and more.
  • Full control over your account. Cancel anytime.

And more.

“The Smarter Brain embodies the minimalist philosophy that ‘less is more.’ The weekly curated newsletter is brief but packed with useful ideas and quality reading recommendations. This saves me valuable time, which would have been wasted reading low-quality articles across the web (aka noise). After reading each email, I feel like a better person and update my thinking system.”

Julien Fersing

Co-Founder and CEO

“I think The Smarter Brain newsletters have 6 and 7 figure impacts on me and my business, anyone worth their salt would also recognize that.”

Miles Rice

Managing Partner

“The Internet is full of information that is readily accessible. Whilst this is useful for learning, it comes at the enormous cost of filtering through hoards of low-quality articles and noise to find the true gems. The Smarter Brain is a necessary curation that discovers the highest quality resources to help you build better habits, make better decisions and become the person you want to be.

This alone has already saved me valuable hours of time.

Given how much gyms cost, The Smarter Brain is offering a full-scale gym for your brain at a ridiculously low price.”

— Michael


“It is so nice being able to learn new things/ideas without having to spend hours sifting through information on the internet or reading books. I also really like that your newsletters are not biased and don’t get political.”

— Jalena

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe and secure for me to make a payment?
Yes. As soon as you subscribe, your card details will be safely processed by stripe and your privacy is fully protected. In addition, this website is secured by SSL certificate.

How do I cancel my plan?
Once you become a member, you’ll get access to manage your account. You will have full control over your account to cancel at any time. All subscriptions auto-renew monthly/annually and are non-refundable. 

Do you offer a student discount?
Yes. Get in touch with a request including a reference to your verifiable student email address.

“I have more questions”
No problem. Get in touch via email.

Gain an edge in life, work, and business

What separates the most successful people from others? Hard work and talent are important. But there’s a common theme across great thinkers like Richard Feynman, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, and Albert Einstein.

The difference is the quality of their thinking.

Great minds think better and understand the world in different ways than everyone else. As Billionaire, Charlie Munger, once said, “You have to learn all the big ideas in the key disciplines in a way that they’re in a mental latticework in your head and you automatically use them for the rest of your life.”

The Smarter Brain will make it easier for you to discover these big ideas across a wide range of disciplines to think better, make better decisions, and achieve your potential.

Join for $48/year

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