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The internet is noisy and the world is complicated.

Each day, you waste valuable time sifting through the ocean of noise on the internet to find interesting ideas.

But your time is limited. Time wasted can never be regained.

The Smarter Brain is designed to help you cut through the noise, save valuable time, and discover new ideas across a wide range of topics.

Each week, I read countless articles and studies across the web, then I simplify the best ideas to help you think better, make better decisions, and achieve your potential.

My mission is to help you think in new ways and gain an edge in life, work, and business.

Featured in:  Forbes, Inc. magazine, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, and more.


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“It is so nice being able to learn new things/ideas without having to spend hours sifting through information on the internet or reading books. I also really like that your newsletters are not biased and don’t get political.”
— Jalena, The Smarter Brain member

“I think your newsletters have 6 and 7 figure impacts on me and my business, anyone worth their salt would also recognize that.”

— Miles Rice, The Smarter Brain member

I liked that they were from a diverse range of sources covering a diverse range of topics – and all seemed reputable. I have a fairly curious mind, so I liked the idea of having a subscription to something that collated eclectic information for me to easily peruse.”

— Brayden Wedd, The Smarter Brain members

“I appreciate that you provide unbiased, well-researched information. I feel a little smarter after I read your words!”

— Nikki, The Smarter Brain member

“Can genuinely say that this has been the most valuable newsletter I’ve ever subscribed to in terms of the amount of consistently high-quality, thought-provoking content it contains. Your curation has sparked many ideas (and actions) I may have otherwise not had, so in my mind this is well worth the subscription fee.”

— Thomas Lloyd, The Smarter Brain member

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